On-Boarding Services

Adding flexibility to integrate new suppliers for your future.

You would like to reduce fixcost, add flexibility and outsource supplier onboarding activities? You are fed up with inefficient, timeconsuming excel audits?

qualitas-pro offers Supplier Audit 4.0, a highly efficient and fully transparent digital audit service. We execute your customized audits paperless on mobile devices by using the qualitas-pro audit app.

Supplier Development

Closing the gap between requirement and as is.

You have to meet a certain percentage of local products in a supply chain?
You have an interesting supplier in mind that does not meet the required criteria?

qualitas-pro is your partner! We provide experienced and competent wind experts who develop the components of your supply chain for you or with you.
The digital qualitas-pro infrastructure ensures consequent information alignment at all the time to all stakeholders.

Process Consulting

Boosting processes to trendsetting excellence.

You would like to remove your inefficiencys, improve working conditions and provide a better response to customers‘ needs?

The qualitas-pro improvement team will boost your potentials.
Certified Lean 6 Sigma specialists combined with state of the art software application will improve your profitability.

Crisis Management

Back to reliability and stability.

You have an acute challenge in the supply chain or in your manufacturing processes? You need reliable experts who can assert your interests in difficult situations?

qualitas-pro is your partner! Our reliable experts work for your interests - worldwide. Based on the industry proved best practice model of qualitas-pro, we solve critical situations in your daily business until we reach a stable stage.